FAA & DGCA Flight Experience Requirements

Hey y’all,

During the initial days of my flight training, I had some confusion regarding the hour requirements for FAA & DGCA CPLs. This is especially important during the hour-building phase if you’re a conventional student. So, instead of going back & forth between the different sources, I decided to create a consolidated checklist that shows the hour requirements for both, the FAA & the DGCA.

To convert your FAA CPL to DGCA CPL w/ IR (Multi Engine), you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

Type of Flight Requirement
Total Flight Time 250 hours
Solo Time 100 hours
100 NM XC Solo 50 hours
Instrument Time 40 hours
TAA/Complex/Turbine 10 hours
ME Flight Time
  • Must be on a multi-engine complex aircraft or a turbine-powered aircraft
10 hours
Night VFR Flight
  • You must show 10 Takeoffs and 10 Landings (in the traffic pattern) with an operating control tower
05 hours
300 NM XC Solo Flight
  • Flight must include 02 full stop landings at different airports
  • First leg (A-B) must be greater than 250 NM
  • Second leg (B-C) must be greater than 100 NM
  • Third leg (C-A) must be greater than 100 NM
1 Flight

Note that the information above is current, as of 1st Feb 2022. If you’ve noticed any errors, or the hour requirements have changed since, please feel free to leave a comment below!

For more information regarding the FAA CPL aeronautical requirements, check out: eCFR :: 14 CFR 61.129 -- Aeronautical experience..

For more information regarding the DGCA CPL (conversion) aeronautical requirements (click the link below and scroll down to – Series G: Part 1): Home | Directorate General of Civil Aviation | GoI