Latest DGCA Syllabus for CPL exams?

@MSat7 Where can we find the latest syllabus of dgca exams and advice for someone or cheat codes before starting prepration for dgca exams?

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Hi @Phanto_Math,

First of all, welcome to PreFlight! We’re happy to have your onboard :airplane:

Thr latest syllabus for the DGCA exams can be found here: CAR - Section 7, Series B

Most people prepare for their CPL/ATPL theory papers by studying from the following books first, and then studying other materials as required:

  • Navigation (all 3 subjects) - Oxford Books
  • Aviation Meteorology - I.C. Joshi
  • Air Regulations - R.K. Bali

If you’re just starting to prepare for your DGCA CPL papers, my best advice would be to focus on preparing and attempting all 3 papers by yourself at least once or twice, and not immediately trying to join coaching classes.

Especially for Met & Regs, many people I know have cleared it themselves without requiring coaching classes.

Btw, we’re planning to create a new category soon, where people can ask and answer subject-related doubts. I’ll edit this reply and link to it once I’ve done so.

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