Uploading documents on the eGCA website to apply for CPL conversion

So I’ve been trying to upload my documents on the eGCA website to apply for my CPL conversion but I’ve been facing an issue where whenever I go to save my draft after uploading all my documents, the documents are not saved and everything from the FTO details section and below just vanishes and I have to re-upload everything again. I’ve tried 20+ times but everytime, I face the same issue. If someone could help me out with this, that would be great. Thanks.

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Hi @Harshit_Singh,

First of all, welcome to PreFlight! We’re happy to have you onboard :grin:

I had faced the same issue too. Check to see if you are using any special characters (such as commas, hyphens, periods, etc.) in the file names or free text in your application. I realized that I was using commas in the address portion of the flight schools. So I removed them and then the application saved/submitted successfully.

Hope it works for you too! Good luck! :+1:t4: