Useful Links for Aviators

Hey y’all!

So here are some useful links that I’ve referred to over the years. They’ve helped me a ton and I hope they will help you too!

1. LiveATC

This was the #1 website that I regularly visited when I was learning to fly. By listening to various ATC channels, both busy and not so busy, I quickly became comfortable with the aviation jargon that pro pilots used.

2. SkyVector

Another site that I regularly used to help plan my solo and cross-country flights during PPL training. You can plan your route, get weather briefings, etc. and even file your flight plan! You can also download approach plates through their site.

3. FltPlan
Another flight planning site that you can use to plan your trip better!
Pro tip - If a subscription to ForeFlight (an iOS only app) is too expensive for you, the FltPlan Go (on Android & iOS) is a great alternative and is free to download and use!

4. Luiz Monteiro Aviation
As a student pilot, I had to learn about the Pitot-Static system, Compass errors, VORs, Wind and Time/Speed/Distance calculations, etc. It can get pretty overwhelming if you’re not on top of it. I was introduced to this website by my instructor and it helped me out a ton! I still go back to it once in a while to brush up on things I may have forgotten.

5. FAASTeam
While I was working towards my CPL in the US, an instructor pointed me to this awesome website that has a ton of information and real-world scenarios to help make you a safer pilot. I completed a couple of the courses under their WINGS program during my flight training and learnt a couple of important lessons about decision making and risk awareness - lessons which impressed my instructor!

6. SKYbrary

Known as the Wikipedia of Aviation, this website was developed by ICAO, Euro control and the Flight Safety foundation. You can use it to understand pretty much anything related to flight ops, air traffic management, and aviation safety. According to their website,

SKYbrary’s objective is to become a single point of reference for aviation safety knowledge by making universally available and accessible the safety knowledge accumulated by various aviation organizations, entities and initiatives.

7. Aviation Weather

Ask anyone who completed their flight training in the US where they got their weather information from and this will be the first site they point you to. Simply put, it’s the best place to get a weather briefing and help plan a safe flight.

  • Another site to get weather briefings is Home

8. FAA Handbooks

Here you can download handbooks that are recommended across the world! Below are some books that I have & still refer to:

  • Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAK)
  • Airplane Flying Handbook
  • Instrument Flying Handbook
  • Instrument Procedures Handbook
  • Aeronautical Chart User’s Guide
  • Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)

9. E6B Calculator

Once you’ve understood the basics, doing the basic calculations before every flight can become monotonous and can lead to errors. To combat this, here’s one of the best E6B calculators available! You can visit their simple & free to use website or download their paid app from the Play Store & App Store.

10. CX-3 Calculator
The legendary CX-3 calculator from ASA that every current & soon-to-be DGCA CPL holder knows about is also available on Prepware’s website and is free to use!

Have a resource in mind? Comment below if you think I’ve missed any important links and I’ll be sure to add it!