Youtube channels to check out

Hey y’all,

Here are some Aviation channels on Youtube that I have subscribed to and regularly watch (ok, obsessively watch) :

1. VASAviation

Here you will find ATC frequency conversations such as emergency situations, regular operations and funny exchanges. You will quickly realize how well most professional pilots handle themselves in non-normal situations.

2. Bold Method

I have watched nearly all of their instructional videos and can’t get enough of it! They explain concepts in a simple and easy to understand manner. This YT channel (and their website) is a must for all trainee pilots!

3. Mentour Pilot

On his channel, Petter - a B737 captain - covers everything from aviation accidents and incidents to procedures and hints about flying. I specifically recommend you check out his “Technical videos” and “Aviation Accidents explained” playlists.

4. Pilot Youtubers

Kelsey (He’s a B747 pilot) -
Capt. Joe (Also a B747 pilot) -
Swayne Martin -
Pilot Emilie -
Denis Okan -
Michelle -

5. Flight Training Videos

The Finer Points -
MzeroA -
King Schools -
FlightInsight -

6. YT Channels specific to Boeing 737

Boeing 737 Pro -
737 Sim Guide - 737 Sim Guide - YouTube
Boeing 737 Technical -

7. Other aviation related channels

Air Safety Institute -
The Great Flyer -
Just Planes -
Simple Flying -
Long Haul -

Comment below and let me know if there’s a YT channel you know of that would be a great addition to the list above and I’ll be sure to add it!